Some years ago I was really broke financially, the kind that qualifies you to be called an Executive ‘Brokist’. 

So one morning I was surfing Instagram when I saw a group photo of my secondary school mates posing with their luxury cars.

Almost immediately, I reached out to one of them with the ‘show your boy the money way’ request. He finally agreed to have a physical meet-up after I pressured him for several days. 

“Lovito [my old nick name], no be small pikin you be. You suppose know the kind soft work wey I dey do. So, you dey game abi your mind no carry am?” He asked like a man proposing to his fiancé.

Of course, I knew what he was asking of me – to decide if I was ready to become an internet fraudster aka Yahoo Boy.

So there I was, standing in between the devil (Yahoo) and the deep blue sea (brokeness).

Well, that’s how my Yahoo Boy 101 tutorials began. He then dropped a list of potential foreign victims and left. 

I sat in my room for several hours pondering really hard on my next move… Slowly, I picked up his list, composed a message and hit SEND. To my amazement, I made over $1000+ in less than 24 hours. 

WAIT! Before you dial EFCC hot line. Read the message I sent.


” Hello [First_Name],

My name is Lovemore Leonard, a consultant from West Africa. The purpose of this message is to briefly share a Harvard tip to increase your fame, wealth and influence almost immediately.

Harvard stated that people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Steve Hawkings and other notable individuals have three words in common – STRONG PERSONAL BRAND. And the basic form of branding is by simply having a portfolio, website and Google search visibility.

Many years back, there lived a homeless carpet cleaner in Ohio who decided against all odds to build a strong personal brand. So he took the first step to branding and many steps followed after.

Well, that man is the legendary STEVE HARVEY! Today, he have grown wealth, fame and influence all because he made that decision. Please be like Steve.

Statistics have it that I’m a pro at branding individuals. You don’t have to take my word for it, check out my work & client testimonials via xxxxx. com.

I would love to hear your questions, contributions and objections. After all, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Here are 2 brief lessons to learn:

[1] If you do not expand your brand, business or project to the international community, you may keep struggling to earn high profits, comfort and global recognition. Listen, our third world country indeed have a LOW BUYING POWER.

If you doubt, ask our African Artist, Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, Internet Marketers, Coaches, Footballers or the renown John Obidi.

[2] If you’re struggling financially, simply go to Uncle Google, start research on hot-in-demand skills in these developed countries and finally learn how to pitch to them.

The same energy you would use to scam potential victims online can be channelled to something HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

At my spare time, I should write a detailed article on how to easily break through the international community.

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