Locating Big Clients & Investors

Few weeks ago, my firm partnered with a Billionaire to expand our hedge fund that help clients INVEST their money into highly PROFITABLE projects that are fully INSURED against any loss. 

Now, let us kindly observe one minute silence for those who think you can easily punch one or two buttons on social media and boom… partnership with ‘Unku’ Billionaire. 

To roll with the wealthy, you need a strategy on WHERE to meet them, HOW to connect and WHEN to pitch yourself. I’ll concentrate on the WHERE today.

Listen, if you do not push your business, brand or relationship towards the wealthy, your ‘big blow’ becomes tougher.

I’ll briefly list 3 places to meet them.

#1 is GOLF CLUB – Where the Rich Game.

Discovering this place finally got me victory over my village people trying so hard to frustrate my finances. Hey, mega contracts (personally witnessed a N12Bn deal) are often signed there daily.

For over 5 years I felt like a Pro because my firm was really successful at helping clients yield good profits but when I partnered with Billionaire Ifeanyi at Golf Club, I instantly understood why he’s a Billionaire and I’m not – his STRATEGY.

#2 is LUXURY RESORT – Where the Rich Chill.

Dress well and walk into a premium hotel lounge. Entry is usually free. If your budget is low, uncle buy coke. Also, ask around for Spa Resorts (wealthy women second home) or elite relaxation spots.

Aside from the people you meet there, your mind hacks it’s way to ensure your bank account can afford luxury in the nearest future. Thus, you subconsciously make ‘big boy’ moves.

#3 is CHARITY EVENTS & CHURCHES – Where the Rich Impact.

Since I was born, now I’m old, I’ve never seen a truly wealthy man who doesn’t donate (either for show off or genuine concern). Leverage online portals and NGOs to track these charity events.

Also, underestimate after-church networking at your own peril. Summon the courage and approach those influential family/men/women after service. This is the most affordable, yet most effective way to connect to the wealthy.

A big secret to becoming wealthy is by spending more time with the wealthy – power of relationships!

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